Monday, June 10, 2013

New Fabrics!

I have just recently purchased some new fabrics to decoupage my small luggage with.  I am so excited!

The first one I bought at Joann's while looking for map fabric...

I love Coral and White together in one fabric.

The next two fabrics I purchased online at Hancock Fabrics...

I am sure there will be several people who agree with me that the colors in this fabric are calming and yet are happy colors at the same time.

I've always really liked Paris-themed fabrics, papers, etc...  This fabric is especially nice as it is a soft pink on a cream background.  It is unbelievable in person!  I really liked it when I saw it online and fell hopelessly in love with it when it arrived at my house!

I have not purchased this fabric yet, but it is next on my list.  It is also at Joann's.  I think it will be perfect for any travel case that I will use it on.

The next fabric you will all recognize from my previous train cases.  I needed to purchase more of this fabric as I have a commission for a case with this fabric.

I love decoupaging these cases, I love taking something that is already very cool and making it more interesting.  Like I have said before and probably will say again, I have always had a love for vintage luggage.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Past and Future Train Case Projects...

I thought I would show two more of the train cases that I have decoupaged in the recent past before I show the fabrics for some future case projects. 

The next case I decoupaged was a commission.  The client requested that I use the same fabric as the first.  But on this one I covered the trim of the case because the trim was not in as good condition as the first one.  

This is the before pic of the case.

Here is the picture of the exterior half-way finished...

And here is the exterior finished!  I am very proud of how it turned out.

the top/front view:

Side View: (sorry about the lighting)

Top/rear view: (still not great lighting)

Bottom view: 

Interior view:  I used glossy patterned paper in the inside and seam binding for the trim to hide the seams of the paper.

This case has a large mirror permanently attached inside the lid, and I did not want to risk breaking it by attempting to remove it.

The client was extremely happy with the end result which makes me extremely happy, lol!  I will be posting my next case later today, so please check that out too.  As always thank you for coming for a visit and please come back soon.  Also, I would love for you to subscribe.  Thank you again.

Friday, May 31, 2013

I Have Always Loved Vintage Luggage

I have always loved vintage suitcases.  I had a collection of the brown leather suitcases that I would stack for decoration and use for storage.  I finally had to give them all away when we were packing to move from Oklahoma to Texas.  I did manage to keep my small collection of train cases.
 I have recently added a couple of beauties to my collection...

I’m very proud of these finds.  

 I have decided to start altering their appearance and sell them online.  

I started with this one:

I started off attempting to decoupage it with patterned scrapbook paper...
 It was ok looking, but I was not happy with it and started picking at the loose pieces of paper, and couldn’t stop myself and here is what I ended up with:
 LOL!  The ladies that had watched me decoupage this on ustream were horrified when they saw that I had torn off all of the paper!  But I was not happy with the paper.  So I started over.

This time I looked thru all of my fabrics to see what I liked.  I found some beautiful map fabric that I had been hording. 

 I thought this fabric was very fitting for the train case, not to mention how beautiful it is.  I tore out the insides of the case because it was not very pretty, and put in a tan/yellow fabric backed by chipboard.  It turned out really good for my first time.  This gave me the courage to do a live stream on covering the exterior of the case with fabric. My name on Ustream is blmoffett if you want to watch this process in real time, there is also the speeded up video broke down into parts on YouTube and my channel name is FabricPaperAndBeads.  Here is the result of my first fabric decoupaged train case, and I am very proud of it.

I welcome your comments on this project. Thank you for coming for a visit, and I hope you come back soon.  :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I decided I would attempt to build my version of a Clip-It-Up.  It was actually really easy to build.  I went to Home Depot and purchased a 3' thread rod, a pack of lock nuts, a pack of hex nuts and washers.  All the materials were 3/8".  I also purchased a ceiling plate (used to hang a light fixture).

  I came home and started the assembly.  I was going to use the ceiling plate as the base but soon realized that it was not quite large enough or heavy enough to stay upright.  I looked around the house for something more substantial.  I found this lamp that I didn't use because the switch did not work.  I pulled off the works on top, and took out what was inside.  I took the thread rod and screwed it all the way in (this took forever!!!).  I notice that the rod was wobbly in the lamp base, I decided to make use of the ceiling plate and put it inside the bottom of the lamp base.
I screwed on a lock nut which stabilized the rod a bit more.  I dropped a washer onto the rod and then screwed a hex nut to the top of the lamp.  That finished stabilizing the rod into the lamp base. 
I then screwed on two more hex nuts to the desired height then I tightened them toward each other so that they lock into place.  Then I dropped on a washer, then the larger lampshade frame, then another washer.  After that, I screwed on two more hex nuts to just barely above the last washer attached, I tightened them up towards each other so that they lock into place.  I was sure to leave just enough room between the sets of hex nuts to allow the lampshade frame to turn freely.
Ok, so far, so good!!!  Woohoo!!!
Alright, now to the next part...
I screwed on two more hex nuts to the desired height (near the top of the rod).  I tightened them towards each other to ensure they were locked in place.  I then dropped on a washer, smaller lampshade frame, and another washer.  Then screwed on the last two hex nuts to just above the last washer attached, tightened them towards each other to ensure they are locked in place.  I was sure to leave just enough space to allow the lampshade frame to spin freely.  
Now that the boring part is done, I get to hang my embellishments and stamps, and etc...
I hung the embellishments, etc... using colored paperclips.  Here is a picture of the finished project!!! 
Finished!!!!  I Love it!!!!

It is going to make accessing my embellishments so much easier!!!  I am very happy with it!  :-)  

Here is a video showing how it works... 

Please comment and let me know what you think, if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thank you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Starting Heather's Graphic45's "A Ladies Diary" Mini Album

I have started the mini album requested  by my daughter Heather.  After having troubles starting, I have finished with the base part of the cover.  I am happy with how it is looking so far.  I was ready to tear it up and start it over when it wasn't going together very well.  I decided to walk away from it for a day.  I went back to it last night and everything I did with it went very smoothly.  I will be adding embellishments, but this is what I have accomplished as far as the inside and outside cover.

I need to make a trip to the store for cardstock before I can start the pages.
Tomorrow is another day.  :-D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pictures of my "Ladies Diary" Scrapbook Mini

Well, I finally got around to taking pictures this evening. I used my daylight bulbs because it was just too danged hot to go outside to take pictures today! We had a heat index of 108 when I checked the weather. WOO!!! That is hot!!! Anyways, here are the pictures I promised. I hope the true colors show in these pictures. I just love this paper.


Click on Photo to Enlarge

Click on photo to enlarge
Click on picture to enla

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I DID IT!!!!

I made my first video, and finished my first scrapbook mini!!!  I am so happy with how it came out other than my voice was too quiet.  I am also pretty happy with the mini.  I used Graphic45's "A Ladies Diary" scrapbook paper, I made it for my Mother and she loves it!!!

Here is the video...

I will post pictures tomorrow.

I am so excited to start my next project! WooHoo!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Working on My first Mini Scrapbook

I am working on a mini scrapbook using "A Ladies Diary Scrapbook paper.  I am almost finished with it, and I will post pictures and maybe a video when I have finished.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Creation

This is my newest creation... I made it for my Mother.  She has wanted me to make her a jade necklace, I ordered some Swarovski Crystal Jade Pearls.  I already had some Coral beads the about the same size.  I noticed that these two colors really complimented each other.  My Mother and I went and found some silver beads to add some bling to the necklace.  I added the bead caps in for a little more flair.  It really turned out better than I thought.  My Mother can't wait to wear it!  Well, on to another new project.  I am thinking about trying some Peyote beading.  I am always wanting to try something new. 
Thank you for checking out my blog.
Brenda Lea

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have uploaded a YouTube Video!

I have uploaded a slideshow of the handmade Jewelry.  I will upload another video of the a model wearing the jewelry so that everyone can see it in motion.  I am really proud of how my jewelry is coming out.  I look forward to building my jewelry business Brenda Lea's Etsy Shop.  It really is a slow process.  Here is the link to the video... Jewelry Video Come check it out! Please.
Thank you fro checking out my blog!  Have a great day!
Brenda Lea

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiger Eye Necklace

 Well, I have finished a V-shaped Tiger Eye (Synthetic) necklace! It has a magnetic clasp so that it is easy for anyone with arthritis to put on, and take off. 

It is my favorite so far!  I just love how it turned out!  I don't believe the pictures do it justice! 

Anyways, here are the pictures of it.  Please comment below.  Thank you for looking at my handmade jewelry items.

P.S. I will be posting it on my Etsy Store...
Brenda Lea's Etsy Shop

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Housework, Blah!

Well, I have not completed a new jewelry item yet.  I have some partially done, still need to add clasps.  I have been busy cleaning house.  I have been lazy lately, letting the house stay messy while the construction is going on.  I am going to make out a schedule for me and Mom, for the housework.  This way, we can keep the house looking good and not let us get behind. 

We have also decided we are going to start using the treadmill.  We each have to figure what our weight goals are.  We are going to weigh in on Thursdays.  I will post our goals this evening.

Doug has finally hung my ceiling fan/light!  I will now be able to use my sewing/craft room without feeling like I am in a cave.  Now I just have to figure out why my VCR/DVD recorder/player is not working right. 

Well, I can't think of anything else at the moment.
I will be back later this evening.

Monday, March 19, 2012

 This is a 72 inch long Light Pink Bead Crochet Rope Lariat Necklace!  It kind of reminds me of the flappers style of necklace.  It can be worn in a variety of ways.  It took me over two weeks to make this item, but it was a labor of love!  I am happy with the end result.  Thank you for visiting my blog, please comment, and follow my blog.  Thank you again.
P.S. This and my other handmade jewelry is for sale at: