Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Swarovski Bracelet

I am in the process of making a new bracelet.  It is very similar to a tennis bracelet.  It is made with 24 gauge rose gold wire and blue swarovski bicone crystals.  I really like how it is looking so I am keeping the first one for myself, especially considering how expensive the crystals are!  ;-)  I am even thinking about making a necklace the same way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Handmade Pink Rosette Chain

This is my first time working with wire.  I made the links by hand, then, made them into rosettes and then linked the rosettes together with smaller links that I also made by hand.  I just have to find the right clasp for it now.  I am really proud of my first wire worked chain.  Please tell me what you think of it.  Thank you for checking out my blog.
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Monday, April 2, 2012

New Creation

This is my newest creation... I made it for my Mother.  She has wanted me to make her a jade necklace, I ordered some Swarovski Crystal Jade Pearls.  I already had some Coral beads the about the same size.  I noticed that these two colors really complimented each other.  My Mother and I went and found some silver beads to add some bling to the necklace.  I added the bead caps in for a little more flair.  It really turned out better than I thought.  My Mother can't wait to wear it!  Well, on to another new project.  I am thinking about trying some Peyote beading.  I am always wanting to try something new. 
Thank you for checking out my blog.
Brenda Lea