Friday, May 31, 2013

I Have Always Loved Vintage Luggage

I have always loved vintage suitcases.  I had a collection of the brown leather suitcases that I would stack for decoration and use for storage.  I finally had to give them all away when we were packing to move from Oklahoma to Texas.  I did manage to keep my small collection of train cases.
 I have recently added a couple of beauties to my collection...

I’m very proud of these finds.  

 I have decided to start altering their appearance and sell them online.  

I started with this one:

I started off attempting to decoupage it with patterned scrapbook paper...
 It was ok looking, but I was not happy with it and started picking at the loose pieces of paper, and couldn’t stop myself and here is what I ended up with:
 LOL!  The ladies that had watched me decoupage this on ustream were horrified when they saw that I had torn off all of the paper!  But I was not happy with the paper.  So I started over.

This time I looked thru all of my fabrics to see what I liked.  I found some beautiful map fabric that I had been hording. 

 I thought this fabric was very fitting for the train case, not to mention how beautiful it is.  I tore out the insides of the case because it was not very pretty, and put in a tan/yellow fabric backed by chipboard.  It turned out really good for my first time.  This gave me the courage to do a live stream on covering the exterior of the case with fabric. My name on Ustream is blmoffett if you want to watch this process in real time, there is also the speeded up video broke down into parts on YouTube and my channel name is FabricPaperAndBeads.  Here is the result of my first fabric decoupaged train case, and I am very proud of it.

I welcome your comments on this project. Thank you for coming for a visit, and I hope you come back soon.  :-)