Monday, June 10, 2013

New Fabrics!

I have just recently purchased some new fabrics to decoupage my small luggage with.  I am so excited!

The first one I bought at Joann's while looking for map fabric...

I love Coral and White together in one fabric.

The next two fabrics I purchased online at Hancock Fabrics...

I am sure there will be several people who agree with me that the colors in this fabric are calming and yet are happy colors at the same time.

I've always really liked Paris-themed fabrics, papers, etc...  This fabric is especially nice as it is a soft pink on a cream background.  It is unbelievable in person!  I really liked it when I saw it online and fell hopelessly in love with it when it arrived at my house!

I have not purchased this fabric yet, but it is next on my list.  It is also at Joann's.  I think it will be perfect for any travel case that I will use it on.

The next fabric you will all recognize from my previous train cases.  I needed to purchase more of this fabric as I have a commission for a case with this fabric.

I love decoupaging these cases, I love taking something that is already very cool and making it more interesting.  Like I have said before and probably will say again, I have always had a love for vintage luggage.

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  1. Love them all Brenda!!! Can't wait to see what magic you work with them =0)

    1. Thank you Dana! You are so sweet! I can't wait either, but I'm giving myself a few more days to get well before starting my next piece of luggage. :-D

  2. Hi Brenda!!

    I enjoy your blog and I just got an award, yet I have to reward other blogs, I have chosen yours that I love and I want to give the prize Liebters ... look it up on my blog!

    A hug!

    Alias ​​Susana COMMDEspain